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Barely Surviving with [JOINT PAIN, or ARTHRITIS?]

People now may be able to start living pain-free, and be much more mobile at 70, 80, or EVEN 90 years old!


They’re now being offered an incredibly simple, medically proven, overwhelmingly documented treatment that is PROVEN to REBUILD tissue, cartilage, and reduce inflammation in the joints and body!

The treatment? Stem Cell Therapy.

Most times, our patients only need one treatment. And after only 4-6 weeks, 80-90% of our patients are seeing incredible results leaving them pain FREE.

Because there are so many questions, we want to provide you with some insight on stem cells, and how they are able to repair and regenerate the tissues in your joints and body.

Stem Cells are something your body has contained since before you were ever born. Stem Cells are the cells that are responsible for repairing and regenerating the tissues in your body when they have an illness or injury.

When we are younger, we have significantly more stem cells in our body. Which means we bounce back, and repair our bodies, much more quickly. Remember when you were younger, and you could do things and not think twice about it? Now you do those same activities, and suffer for days in pain afterwards!

Unfortunately, as we age, we have less and less stem cells. Additionally, they are not as quick to repair and regenerate the tissues like they do when we are a younger age.

For most, when we reach the age of around 50 years old, we start having a significant decline in the amount of stem cells that are available for our bodies to use. And the older we get, that decline happens at even a more rapid rate.

But there is good news, and hope, for those who are suffering with degenerated and arthritic pains! Medical breakthroughs in research, now allow us to take stem cells in a concentrated amount (just like when we were younger), and inject them into the body.

This produces a significant regrowth, repair, and regeneration to degenerated and arthritic tissues. And subsequently leads to significant reduction in pain! Which ultimately, leads to a much higher quality of life!

Can you imagine if you could do the activities again, that your pain is restricting or keeping you from doing?

Many of our patients have already experienced this, and it is our hope for anyone we can serve, that they get to resume a higher quality of life that their pain is keeping them from!

If you are interested in how stem cells could possibly help your degenerated and arthritic joints, then you can go here to learn more about this breakthrough therapy.



Are you considering regenerative medicine?

You don’t have to live your life with chronic pain. Lone Star Progressive Medicine has helped countless patients reclaim their freedom to live a pain-free life, and we can help you too! It’s normal to have questions about regenerative medicine, and we want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible before committing to a new treatment. Regenerative medicine is risk-free and has no adverse side effects, but it isn’t right for every patient. To explore if regenerative medicine is right for you, contact us below.


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