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Looking For [PAIN RELIEF] With Stem Cells? Here’s The 2 THINGS You Must Know!

As you may know, the latest buzzword in medicine seems to be Stem Cells. Google it.

Understanding Stem Cells can be confusing and even misleading…

First, the Stem Cells we utilize are NOT embryonic Stem Cells. Those are used in countries outside the U.S. Many people have an ethical and moral issues with their use…we do as well! So we DO NOT use them.

However, if you are considering Stem Cells to help you get relief with pain, there are 2 things that you must know in order to get the most relief.


As we age, we have less and less Stem Cells available for our body to utilize for repair and regeneration.

Dr. Arnold Caplan described this in one of his research papers. Dr. Caplan is the one who termed the technical term for Stem Cells, which is Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). Dr. Caplan is also considered the “Father of Mesenchymal Stem Cells”. In his paper (you can find the abstract here) he lists out the following:

  • We Have Less & Less Stem Cells As We Age
  • Newborn: 1 / 10,000 Cells Is A Stem Cell
  • Teenager: 1 / 100,000 Cells Is A Stem Cell
  • 30 Year Old: 1 / 250,000 Cells Is A Stem Cell
  • 50 Year Old: 1 / 400,000 Cells Is A Stem Cell
  • 80 Year Old: 1 / 2,000,000 Cells Is A Stem Cell

As stated before, the decreased number of stem cells leads to less repair and regeneration that can occur in the body. This is not good for someone who is in chronic pain, has degenerated joints, or arthritic joints.


Much like compound interest, stem cells replicate exponentially. Meaning one stem cell becomes 2. Then 2 stem cells become 4. And then 4 stem cells become 8. And so on, and so on.

The younger the stem cells are, the faster they replicate. The faster they replicate, means the faster they can repair and regenerate the tissues. Which means the faster the patient can get out of pain.

In 2011, the research journal Orthopedics did a study on the doubling time of stem cells at different age groups (you can find the abstract here). The doubling time is the rate of replication for stem cells. The smaller the doubling time, the faster the rate of replication.

Here’s what the study found:

  • 60-75 Year Old Age Group: 60 Hour Doubling Time
  • 27-45 Year Old Age Group: 48 Hour Doubling Time
  • Newborn Age Group: 20 Hour Doubling Time

After 30 Days, 1 Stem Cell (MSC) Turned Into The Following Amount Of Stem Cells:

  • 60-75 Year Olds: 1 Became 200 Stem Cells After 30 Days
  • 27-45 Year Olds: 1 Became 32,000 Stem Cells After 30 Days
  • Newborns: 1 Became Just Over 1 Billion Stem Cells After 30 Days!
  • The Youngest Most Robust Stem Cells Replicate The Fastest & Produce The Most Stem Cells
  • The More Stem Cells, The More Regeneration & Repair



What this means is that if you had your pick of stem cells, you would want to get the youngest and healthiest stem cells available. Not only will you receive the largest amount, but they will also replicate the fastest. Leading to quicker repair, regeneration, and pain relief! You can learn more about the different type of stem cells in our blog post here.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells are the youngest stem cells available. And this is exactly why our clinic has chosen to utilize Umbilical Cord Stem Cells for our patients….to get the best results possible!

If you are interested in seeing if Umbilical Cord Stem Cells can help you with your pain, feel free to go here to learn more how you can become pain free.



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